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Take Charge of Your Audits with Self Reconciliation

November 15, 2018

NextGear Capital’s Self Reconciliation solution was built to give dealers more control over the auditing process. With the power to reconcile...

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5 Traits of Healthy Auto Floor Planning Dealers

November 8, 2018

Every dealer uses a few different metrics to evaluate the success of their business. A floor plan is a crucial part...

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Dealers Embrace Technology to Improve Business

November 1, 2018

Account access 24/7 NextGear Capital’s funding feature for non-auction purchases, Rapid Pay, has financed more than $1 billion in inventory so far...

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How much should you stock on your dealer floorplan?

November 1, 2018

Maintaining dealership profitability relies on dealers to continually balance their inventory and cash flow. With a floor plan, dealers have more...

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How Automotive Floorplans Enhance Your Cash Flow

October 25, 2018

Keeping your dealership in business isn’t easy, but you love the work. You find in-demand cars with decent margins, and your...

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Choosing Floor Plans or Bank Floor Plans

October 18, 2018

To help maintain current business, dealers will frequently realize they need additional funds, and quickly come to the conclusion that there...

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An Industry-Best Floor Plan Audit Process

October 11, 2018

Audits can be an inconvenient, but necessary part of having a floor plan line of credit. In the near...

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Choosing a Wholesale Floor Plan Financing Partner

October 4, 2018

Though there are significant differences between retail and wholesale dealer business models, the fact remains that both types of dealers have...

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What is Floorplanning?

September 19, 2018

Often confused with building layouts, a “floor plan” is essentially a short term loan that car dealers can use to stock vehicles...

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Inventory Tips for Dealers with Car Floor Plans

September 13, 2018

Using a car floor plan is one of the simplest means for a dealer to access additional capital to purchase inventory.

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