NextGear Capital went big in 2018, creating products and solutions that provided our dealers with fewer business interruptions and more flexibility than ever before.

Dealers return for our return on investment! With flexible terms and competitive pricing, our comprehensive lending products offer the financial support dealerships need to succeed. From maximizing cash flow to value-add services such as monthly consult calls and title management, no other lender can match the benefits being delivered to over 22,000 dealers nationwide, every day.

– Rapid Pay: Floor plan non-auction purchases and receive expedited funding and free overnight shipping on titles.
– Self Reconciliation: A more transparent approach to auditing offering reconciliation in real-time from any mobile device.
– Secure, Accessible Title Management: Vehicle titles are securely managed yet easily accessible – shipped direct upon payoff.
– AutoPay: Stay ahead of late fees by enrolling in AutoPay via Account Portal.
– Streamlined Solutions: Solutions like My Audits and Transportation Financing were built for dealers looking to further optimize dealership operations.