technology Learning What Matters Most

Andy1By Andy Sandefer, Manager of Software Engineering

Recently, the Product team at NextGear Capital dedicated to myNextGear defined a vision statement: To empower NextGear Capital customers to manage and grow their business when and where they want through innovative, intuitive and secure technology.

The above statement puts the focus on what matters most to us when it comes to technology: our customers. Because at the end of the day, it’s our customers who use our applications, and we want to ensure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity to help them grow and succeed.

One of the ways we do this is through direct engagement. By talking with our customers, we can figure out what their pain points are and the capabilities they want to see in our technology. Through this, we give a voice to our 18,000+ customers and allow them to drive the direction of our development.

We place tremendous value in bringing users closer to our Technology team. The better we know our user base, both internal and external, the more successful we will be in anticipating their needs and empowering them to grow and succeed.
– Chris Lenzo, VP of Technology, NextGear Capital

With this in mind, the NextGear Capital Technology team welcomed a group of customers to our corporate office on Monday, September 21 for a highly collaborative Customer Insight Group. Sessions such as this will become a regular addition to our development process and allow us to build even greater relationships with our customers.

The insight group collaborated with our Product and Development teams to preview and test myNextGear features, like our enhanced Bank Account Management tool. Bank account changes represent over 5,000 customer interactions per month and this new feature will provide our customers additional flexibility to manage their banking information more efficiently. This is just another example of how NextGear Capital works hard to deliver secure, convenient inventory management solutions to our customers.

After letting our customers test drive this new feature to gather their feedback, we participated in an Innovation Hour with the insight group. During this time, we asked the question “What do you want us to work on next?” and then listened to the ideas they brought forth. We garnered some terrific feedback during this session, with several ideas already being groomed by the development team, such as better handling of receipts for bulk payments and increased visibility into units that have open audit incidents.

Overall, our recent Customer Insight Group provided us with great, actionable feedback. This will allow us to deliver on our vision of empowering NextGear Capital customers to manage and grow their business when and where they want through innovative, intuitive and secure technology.