thad Sykes And Zach Hallowell Discuss Condition Reports

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Thad Sykes, Associate Vice President of Sales at NextGear Capital, sat down with Zach Hallowell vice president for Manheim Digital, to discuss condition reports. The pandemic has shifted dealers from buying at physical auctions to making bids online. Hallowell gives dealers tips on how to feel comfortable purchasing inventory online and more in their discussion. This video is the second in a new monthly series that will focus on providing dealers with expert feedback on ways they can support their business while finding their way forward in an evolving industry.

As more dealers turn to online car shopping, there has been an increase in the demand for tools that support their buying decisions. Tools like conditions reports can help dealers get a head start on retailing purchased units. Independent Dealers can include condition reports on to their online listings to make their listings more attractive to buyers. By providing you with additional guidance when it comes to reconditioning your vehicles, you’ll be able to confidently sell your inventory while also providing your customers with a full scope of each unit, eliminating any surprises for you or your customers.