//Self Reconciliation

Self Reconciliation Benefits
No need for “Code Word of the Day”
Timeline and associated fee transparency
Units cleared in real-time versus a verification process
Historical reference of units cleared
Payoff without having to leave the My Audits tab!

With Self Reconciliation, managing your audits is easier than ever!

NextGear Capital’s commitment to doing MORE for our dealers inspires us to continually improve our products and services. In fact, we recently renovated our audits to include fewer touchpoints while delivering more control of the overall auditing process. Innovative solutions such as Account Portal allow you to efficiently manage your floor plan’s payments, audits and titles through a simplified and streamlined process that offers convenience and speed. Simply log in to Account Portal and enjoy a best-in-class, consistent experience, regardless of your device!


– Dealers must use a mobile device to verify vehicles with photos.
– Only CUV units can be cleared with photos. Units marked sold must be paid off.
– If photos fail to upload (i.e. Connection Error) it is likely because of a connection strength
issue. Use Wi-Fi when possible and/or take photos in locations where strong cellular data strength exists.

– Please make sure iOS 11 or higher is running, unsupported browser message is triggered if not using iOS 11 or higher.
– Either Chrome or Safari may be used if using iOS 11 or higher.

– Must use Chrome browser. Other browsers may trigger unsupported browser messaging.