Our relationship with our NextGear rep, it’s amazing.
You can use NextGear pretty much anywhere.
The ability to floor on a need be basis is awesome.
I turn to NextGear Capital over other lenders because they know how to help me do more of the one thing I do - sell cars.
Now that my cash isn't tied up in inventory, I can do more of the things I used to just dream about.
As I've grown, NextGear Capital has grown with us. If it weren't for them, we definitely wouldn't be where we're at right now...With NextGear Capital we have more tools, more terms, more floor plan that gives us the ability to continue to do what we need to do, which is sell cars.
“Our local representative, Mina, is amazing. She’s trustworthy, we can count on her to be there at every auction. She takes care of us as far as market trends, making sure that we’re on top of our payments, finding the right inventory for our markets, and letting us know about any promotions going on. She…
“NextGear Capital has afforded Lightning and myself personally the time to be able to continue to expand, the time to buy more cars and the time to focus on what it is that we really do that makes money.” “None of us love the audit process. So I was very straightforward with our account rep…
Since starting my own business 2 years ago, NextGear Capital has become my lifeline. They give me customized options when it comes to my line of credit, allowing me to run my business the way I need to. Working with NextGear Capital has been easy, profitable and valuable to my growth – I haven’t slowed…