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With Flex Pricing, you don’t make payments on a Manheim purchase floored with NextGear Capital until you sell the vehicle. And on non-Manheim units, you’ll have a .01% principal reduction per period. Plus, you’ll save more with fewer fees on every vehicle no matter where it’s purchased.*

We’ve structured our newest pricing program to provide a way to free up cash flow and give you the flexibility to maximize your floor plan. Additional cash flow can be used for the purpose of acquiring more inventory, increasing sales, or making improvements around your dealership.

See how Flex Pricing can help you wave goodbye to some of the fees you hate!

When you’re faced with inventory shortages or need to make some changes around your dealership, you need access to cash fast. For independent dealers, having a floor plan means they’re able to purchase inventory without using the capital they currently have on hand. This allows dealers to use their cash to invest in the dealership’s operations, which can go towards hiring additional staff, marketing or facility maintenance.

With Flex Pricing you’ll have the ability to conserve cash so you can:

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Acquire different inventory attract more customers to your lot.

Create additional revenue with Flex Pricing Stand up a service bay to create additional revenue.
Invest in digital technology to drive more online shoppers to your website.

Transparent financing

If you’ve used other floor plan lenders in the past, you may have been shocked by unexpected fees or disappointed in the level of service you received. NextGear Capital knows that transparency is key which is why our term plans are easy to understand. You also have immediate access to all of your floor plan information inside Account Portal which means you’ll always know when your payments are due, so you won’t get hit with late fees.

Are you unsure if Flex Pricing is right for you? Check out our other financing options such as First Gear and Tiered Pricing to compare each one’s benefits and select the right one for you.

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*Certain conditions apply. All rights reserved. Flex Pricing is available only to eligible dealers with retail, wholesale, salvage, or heavy truck lines of credit with NextGear Capital. Eligibility is in NextGear Capital’s sole discretion. Dealers must have signed the appropriate Advance Schedule to receive this offering. Any deferred principal reduction payments and accrued Floorplan Advance related fees would be deferred until unit sells or the end of the last scheduled Period (excluding Extensions), whichever is earlier, and would be available on eligible Advances on vehicles purchased at Manheim auctions only. Dealers should refer to the terms and conditions of their Demand Promissory Note and Loan and Security Agreement (“Note”), the applicable Advance Schedule (defined in the Note) and any other agreements with NextGear Capital, for complete details, terms and conditions, including any capitalized terms not defined herein. NextGear Capital reserves the right to modify or terminate this offering at any time. This offer has no cash value. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Flex Pricing is not available to New York or South Dakota dealers. All advances made in California by NextGear Capital are made pursuant to NextGear Capital’s California Finance Lender License, #603G505.