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*Certain conditions apply. All rights reserved. By submitting the referral information, the referring dealer (“Referring Dealer”) is authorizing NextGear Capital, Inc. (“NextGear Capital”) to contact the referred dealer (“Referred Dealer”) named above using the Referring Dealer’s name as the referral source(s). The Referring Dealer must be in good standing with NextGear Capital both at the time of referral and at the time that the Referring Dealer is eligible for receipt of a Referral Credit (defined below) in order to qualify for the promotion. To qualify the Referring Dealer for a Referral Credit, the Referred Dealer must be approved by NextGear Capital, contracted by NextGear Capital, and must floor plan at least one approved vehicle using NextGear Capital financing services within 90 days of the Referring Dealer submitting the referral to NextGear Capital. The Referred Dealer must be a new dealer to both NextGear Capital and its predecessors (Dealer Services Corporation (DSC) and Manheim Automotive Financial Services (MAFS)). By submitting any referral, the Referring Dealer represents and warrants that it knows the Referred Dealer, that the Referred Dealer is a separate legal entity with its own dealer license, that the referral is welcomed by the Referred Dealer, that the Referring Dealer and the Referred Dealer reside at different addresses, and that the referral is not for fraudulent purposes. For each qualifying Referred Dealer it refers, the eligible Referring Dealer will receive a $250 credit to its unapplied funds account with NextGear Capital (“Referral Credit”). A Referral Credit will be applied in the calendar month following the calendar month in which the Referred Dealer floor plans its first vehicle using NextGear Capital financing services. The Referring Dealer will be notified via email at the email address on file with NextGear Capital when the Referral Credit is applied to the Referring Dealer’s unapplied funds account. Limit of 25 Referral Credits per calendar year per Referring Dealer. Referring Dealer is responsible for all applicable taxes. Void where prohibited by law. Promotion open only to U.S. residents over the age of 18. No purchase necessary. By submitting a referral and upon application of the Referral Credit into the Referring Dealer’s unapplied funds account, the Referring Dealer agrees to, and does hereby release NextGear Capital, its employees, agents, affiliates, and successors in interest from any claims, whether sounding in law or equity, including strict liability, or damages arising from any loss, use, or misuse of any Referral Credit. Limit one Referral Credit per Referred Dealer. If the Referred Dealer is referred by multiple eligible Referring Dealers, only the first eligible Referring Dealer to place the referral (as determined by NextGear Capital in its sole discretion) will receive a Referral Credit. No automated submissions are permitted. Employees of NextGear Capital, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and contractors are not permitted to participate. Valid only in NextGear Capital service regions in the United States. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. NextGear Capital reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time. Sponsor is NextGear Capital, Inc., 11799 North College Avenue, Carmel, Indiana 46032. Please contact your local NextGear Capital representative for complete details. Not available in California.