less Time Focusing On Audits, More Freedom To Focus On Business

NextGear Capital’s commitment to doing more for our dealers inspires us to continually improve our products and services. In fact, throughout the years we’ve overhauled our audit management procedures to include fewer touchpoints while delivering more control of the overall process. As a result, we’ve increased efficiency so much that a task that once used to take several hours now only takes mere minutes.

Innovative solutions such as Account Portal allow you to easily manage your floor plan’s payments, audits and titles through a streamlined process that offers convenience and speed. Simply log in to Account Portal and enjoy a best-in-class, consistent experience, regardless of your device!

“I actually like the audits because they prompt me to check in on my inventory and keep track of what I have which helps me sleep better at night.”

– Ryan Martin, Strawberry Road Auto Sales

Self Reconciliation Benefits:

  • Upload unit photos directly from your device
  • Timeline and associated fee transparency
  • Units cleared in real-time
  • Historical reference of units cleared
  • Payoff without having to leave the audits tab

Step-By-Step Instructions Here!

Take back control of the auditing process by accessing information like reconcile and payoff amounts without missing a beat. We’ve made your audit information accessible and easily understandable so you’ll never feel blindsided by fees or run out of time to reconcile your units.

Do you have a vehicle at an approved offsite location? Our delegation feature allows you to assign the reconciliation of your audit to someone else. It’s your time and money! So, make sure you’re choosing a floor plan provider who’s going to help you save both.

Clear your audits in 4 easy steps!

  1. Login to Account Portal
  2. Navigate to the Audits Page on the Dashboard
  3. Take pictures on your mobile device or tablet
  4. Upload and clear them in real-time

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