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We know independent dealers would rather focus on their bottom line and closing deals rather than spending time managing small tasks around the dealership. That’s why NextGear Capital is determined to create products that empower dealers and allow them to focus on the tasks that drive profitability for their business.

Our financing products and services allow dealers to floor plan nearly any type of remarketed unit in automotive retail, wholesale, salvage or specialty. Additionally, dealers can use their floor plan to experience fewer purchasing limitations on inventory and even finance transportation costs.

Take a Look at our Floor Plan Products

  • Floor Plan Financing – Flexible and customizable financing options accessible throughout our expansive inventory sourcing network. Allowing independent dealers to floor nearly any type of remarketed unit.   
  • Account Portal – Our online account management platform provides access to important floor plan information, informative dashboards and valuable tools from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Self Reconciliation – Located inside of Account Portal, dealers can reconcile unverified units via the Audits page by simply uploading pictures from any mobile device to clear outstanding audits in real-time
  • Tiered Pricing – Flexible term plans that complement your unique business needs and purchasing style. Floor plan fees are based on a vehicle’s purchase price, keeping more cash on hand versus tied up in inventory.
  • Flex Pricing – A new pricing program offering significantly lower payments and fewer fees when compared to standard pricing plans. With this program, dealers are provided with greater cash flow to invest back into their business.
  • First Gear – For dealers who’ve been in business for six months or less. This program gives dealers access to capital without having to provide bank statements or additional paperwork.

As the industry’s leading floor plan provider, NextGear Capital is so much more than a revolving line of credit. We’re committed to providing our dealers with the tools and solutions they need to run a successful dealership.

Alex Balk using floor plan products

“I think the reason some dealers are hesitant to use a floor plan is because they’ve used floor used floor plans in the past that had hidden fees and didn’t have tools like Account Portal that help them run their business.”

Alex Balk, CARite

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