NextGear Capital understands the need for real-time information. Whether you’re out in the lanes or out on your lot, never miss a minute with helpful tools and insightful dashboards available through our online account management platform. Access Account Portal 24/7 for comprehensive account overviews from the convenience of any computer or mobile device.*

Check out our video series below to learn more about all of the features Account Portal has to offer.

Features with Business in Mind

Account Portal PaymentsPayments– A simple, streamlined process provides you with the freedom to make payments now, schedule them for a future date or enroll in AutoPay.
Account Portal ResearchResearch– Access vehicle valuations powered by Kelley Blue BookMMR and Blackbook to help make smarter sourcing decisions.
Account Portal DashboardDashboard– A comprehensive account overview presents essential high-level information summarized at a glance.
Vehicle Detail– Easily identify vital information for a unit, from title images and payment history, to total cost to floor and aging.
Manage Audits– The My Audits tab allows you to view and manage outstanding audits, access Self Reconciliation to clear audits in real-time and view recently cleared units.

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