Faster Funding and Priority Servicing Available Now Inside Account Portal

NextGear Capital understands that independent dealers need flexibility when it comes to purchasing inventory and we’ve designed our floor plans with that in mind. Whether you purchase vehicles at auction or from an online marketplace, putting them on your NextGear Capital floor plan helps keep your cash flow on hand and not tied up in inventory. With that cash on hand, your options are limitless. Check out the video below to learn how Account Portal’s Flooring process works.

Our floor plans offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fee Transparency
  • Access to valuable resources

An industry first, our Title Release Program allows dealers to get access to titles prior to payoff, in order to expedite the sale process.

“By utilizing my floor plan, I was able to ramp up my inventory by purchasing non-auction units before prices skyrocketed. It gave me some breathing room because I hadn’t purchased a lot of inventory online before, so I had time to get acclimated.” -Daniel Delgadillo, Bacliff Auto

Flooring non-auction purchases through Account Portal gives you the freedom to do MORE:

Faster Funding – As soon your flooring request is approved, funding is initiated which is viewable via your Account Portal dashboard.
Free FedEx Waybill – Print a FedEx Waybill inside of Account Portal and ship your titles overnight at no additional cost.
flooring Priority Servicing – All non-auction purchase funding requests processed via Account Portal receive priority servicing from our dedicated, best-in-class team.
flooring Inventory Flexibility – Floor owned inventory, wholesale or trade-ins, just like you would an auction purchase to free up your cash flow.
Intuitive Account Management– You can self-service all of your non-auction inventory inside Account Portal, helping to streamline your daily workflow.

Floor plan the inventory you need when you want with NextGear Capital! Why wait when you can do MORE now?

Not set up for non-auction purchase funding? Reach out to your Portfolio Manager and see how you can get this valuable service added to your account!

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