fees Based On Purchase Price,
Not Promotions.

NextGear Capital is offering you MORE ways to save than ever before with our Tiered Pricing program. With this, floor plan fees are based on a vehicle’s purchase price, which means our clients aren’t paying the same flooring costs for a $2,000 unit as they would for a $12,000 unit. This keeps cash on hand versus tied up in inventory, creating a more profitable way to manage your dealership.

Account Portal Payments Promotional Term Plan Rates Without the Promotion
Tiered Pricing gives you flexibility A More Profitable Way to Manage Inventory
Truly Flexible Terms That Complement Your Purchasing Style

More Ways to Save!

In fact, dealers who have taken advantage of Tiered Pricing have seen savings of up to 65% on some of their flooring costs! And with truly flexible terms, dealers are more empowered than ever when it comes to maximizing their floor plan to benefit their unique business needs.

This is one of numerous recent products that NextGear Capital has created to provide independent dealers with the control and transparency they need to be successful in today’s competitive automotive industry.

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