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“All the negative things I’d heard about excessive fees and requirements turned out to be untrue.” Chris Tingler, Car Shop Inc.


You’ve probably heard that floor planning is either too expensive or is full of hidden fees that eat away at your profits. NextGear Capital has established guardrails for its clients to ensure that all fees are nominal and straightforward, preventing against surprises. Here are some other benefits you get with your NextGear Capital floor plan:

Manage titles Managed Title Work Account Portal Reporting In-Depth Reporting Inside Account Portal
Valuation Tools Free Access to Valuation Tools Consumer Loan Payoff Consumer Loan Payoff Program

So, what’s keeping you from partnering with the industry’s premier lender?

Smart. Simple. Fast. That’s how you run your dealership and it’s what you need in a financial partner to ensure that you’re ahead of market trends and finding new ways to fight margin compression.

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