nextgear Capital Enhances Dealer Inventory Experience Through Account Portal And Autopay

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NextGear Capital, the largest independent inventory finance company in North America, is announcing the launch of AutoPay, a new feature within the Account Portal, NextGear Capital’s 24/7 account management platform. Account Portal provides detailed, real-time account overviews for dealer and auction partners, including a comprehensive dashboard that offers the most important information, such as analytics and payment history, instantly on any device. The new AutoPay feature lets dealers opt into a recurring and automated payment system that schedules NextGear Capital payments.

Account Portal provides dealers with the flexibility of financing vehicles from a mobile device, searching financed vehicles by status and accessing account analytics (including average turn time, best and worst movers, stale and aging vehicles and the number of cars purchased per auction). Other features include: viewing lines of credit summary information for all NextGear Capital accounts and identifying vital information for a unit (from payment history to aging and total cost to floor). With the added option of AutoPay, dealers have even more flexibility when it comes to choosing how they want to manage their business without worrying about missing a payment.

“As a result of our long-standing history of working with dealers, NextGear Capital has a deep understanding of what dealers value when it comes to accessing information on vehicles and financing,” said Sarah Lutey, NextGear Capital Director of Product Strategy. “We brought this understanding to life through Account Portal and AutoPay, which puts the dealer front and center, making it easier for them to do business anywhere, at any time.”

With the combined power of the Account Portal and AutoPay, dealers have enhanced access, visibility and control over their floor plan. As dealer technology rapidly changes and the business needs of automotive dealers evolve, the Account Portal and AutoPay are equipped to adjust for needed enhancements, optimizations and customization in the future.