how Independent Car Dealers Can Improve Turn Time

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Car dealer speaking to a customer

Most car shoppers prefer to do their vehicle research online and do as much paperwork as possible before they ever step into a dealership to complete a transaction. On the flip side, dealers want warm leads and qualified buyers. With a more concentrated focus on digital retailing, buyers can complete purchasing activities faster and independent car dealers can engage with buyers and complete transactions sooner, which can potentially result in faster turn times for different dealership vehicles.

Complete Negotiation Online

Bargaining inside of a dealership doesn’t necessarily make for a great customer experience. If there are too many team member handoffs and mishandled communications, dealers are bound to end up with customers severely unsatisfied with the purchasing process.

By moving negotiation to digital retailing tools, customers can find a deal and financing they want before stepping on a dealership lot.

Minimize Transaction Time

Customers in a car dealership don’t want to be pressured to fill out paperwork, nor do they want to be in the dealership for hours filling out forms. Independent car dealers who incorporate digital retailing into their dealership’s purchasing process, will allow customers more time to do research, select options and complete necessary paperwork all before stepping into the dealership.

Providing customers access to payment information, incentives, trade-in values and protection information before visiting a dealership can increase customer satisfaction, and likely help improve overall dealer turn time.

Work with Your Team to Implement and Improve Processes

Independent car dealers who incorporate digital retailing into their dealership will only see faster turn times when every team member helps with its implementation. Walk through some potential digital retailing processes. See if your team has any concerns or any ideas on how to improve processes.

The way that consumers shop and purchase items has changed. Though adding digital retailing to your dealership may be a challenge, any trade-off that leads to improved turn times and customer satisfaction is worth a temporary inconvenience.

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