maximize Your Non-auction Purchases

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Kathy Ward sourcing non-auction purchases
Kathy Ward sourcing non-auction purchases

COVID-19 has forced many independent dealers to work smarter when it comes to sourcing inventory. With used vehicle prices increasing, profit margins thinning and no reprieve in sight, independent dealers are turning to non-traditional sourcing options. Expanding your inventory search outside the auctions can help ensure you aren’t leaving any money on the table. Download our infographic to learn more about non-auction purchases.

Sourcing Non-Auction Purchases


When it comes to reaching a large audience quickly, sites like AutoTrader™ are a good place for dealers to turn to when they need to FIND THE INVENTORY THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING FOR QUICKLY.


Social media sites like Facebook Marketplace™ are a CONVENIENT WAY FOR USERS TO POST THEIR VEHICLES FOR SALE and they’re also a good place for dealers to find reasonably priced inventory.


Classified ads posted on Craigslist™ have long offered simple used-car advertisements. Designed to make the selling and buying process as easy as possible. The sheer volume of inventory available on Craigslist™ makes it ONE OF THE BEST SOLUTIONS WHEN SOURCING NON-AUCTION PURCHASES.

Maximize Your Floor Plan


When customers are looking to trade in their vehicle for a new one, dealers can use the negotiation process to help secure a good price on the vehicle they’re trading in. FLOORING A TRADE-IN SAVES YOU NOT ONLY TIME BUT MONEY by letting NextGear Capital help you handle the consumer loan.

Download the Infographic here.