Tracking titles for multiple vehicles can be a stress on your dealership. Titles can be easily misplaced with other paperwork, or even damaged if stored incorrectly. Reliable title management is a necessary piece of the vehicle sales process, so much in fact that many independent dealerships will hire someone just to oversee this process. However, that additional headcount can bring its own set of challenges since identifying a new hire with the right skill set can be not only time consuming, but an additional or unforeseen cost that the business may not be able to afford.

To help eliminate these issues, NextGear Capital offers title and documentation management on every floor planned vehicle. This means that each vehicle placed on your NextGear Capital floor plan has its title shipped to the corporate office to be stored in our state-of-the-art facility, The Vault. Upon receipt, titles are scanned in then uploaded directly to your Account Portal where they can be viewed in full color, 24/7. Dealers have the ability to easily view and manage titles from a mobile device or desktop, even if they’ve been paid off.

Titles aren’t the only thing you have access to inside Account Portal. You can also access the following:

• Rapid Pay
• Financial Activity
• Floored Vehicle Information
• Reporting
• My Audits

Check out our video tutorial on Title Management inside of Account Portal and see how easy NextGear Capital makes it for our dealers to work smarter, not harder.

Account Portal also gives you the ability to release titles so you can get ahold of them prior to a vehicle being paid off. For example, if you have a customer coming in to purchase a vehicle and they need a title to complete paperwork because they just sold a vehicle, you can request a release by simply logging into your account and completing the required steps.

Security is another assurance you have when using Account Portal to manage your titles. You won’t have to worry about someone jotting down VIN numbers or having access to previous vehicle owner’s information since titles won’t be managed inside the dealership where people could easily access them.

So instead of spending hours hunting down misplaced titles or wasting time finding room in your budget to hire someone to manage them, you’ll have more time to spend making sure the inventory on your car lot and online looks like it’s just been driven off a showroom and is ready to sell.

Check out our other Account Portal video tutorials and start getting MORE out of your floor plan today!

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