Dealer using the valuation toolWhen it comes time to buy or sell a vehicle, making sure you have an accurate way of analyzing how much it’s worth is imperative. While you want the process to be thorough, you also don’t want to waste valuable time that could instead be spent on buying and selling those same vehicles. Identifying vehicle valuations doesn’t have to involve tedious research across multiple sites any longer thanks to NextGear Capital.

Located inside Account Portal, NextGear Capital’s Value Lookup tool can provide valuations from three trusted organizations in just a few easy clicks. You’ll be provided with NextGear Capital’s valuation, MMR Wholesale and Kelley Blue Book Auction Values for a simple, reliable way of assessing a vehicle’s value. If there are multiple styles for the VIN provided, you may use the style dropdown within each valuation to adjust your selection to ensure you get the most accurate valuations.

On your Account Portal dashboard, navigate to Floor Plan and select Value Lookup from the dropdown menu. You will have the option to use VIN Lookup or Manual Lookup:

  • For a VIN Lookup input your VIN, Mileage and Zip, then click Look Up Values.
  • For a Manual Lookup, select which valuation you wish to see from the dropdown and then input the Year, Make, Model, Style and Mileage. Then you can complete the process by clicking Look Up Values.

It should be noted that if a value selected cannot be provided for the vehicle, a red error message will appear under that Values category to the right of your screen.

Don’t spend hours guessing how much your inventory is worth! When you use the valuations tool inside NextGear Capital’s Account Portal, you get an accurate and effective way to evaluate how much a vehicle is worth. Check out our video tutorial on valuations inside of Account Portal and start getting MORE out of your floor plan today!

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