Manheim and NextGear Capital

MORE money. MORE cash flow. MORE time to manage your business.

NextGear Capital increases your buying power so you can grow your business. And with Manheim and NextGear Capital together, your purchases, sales, and profits are posted daily, keeping your cash flow running smoothly. Plus, the time spent chasing checks and titles is now a thing of the past-it’s all automated for you. You’ll enjoy having more buying power, more cash flow, and more time back to manage your business.

Read through the points below for why Manheim is a preferred auction partner:

Decisioning– Utilize the best tools in making real-time decisions. Manheim Market Report and M Logic make sure you are getting the right vehicles at the right price.
Marketplace– Whether buying or selling, take advantage of the industry’s largest marketplace. Manheim offers end-to-end solutions for all your inventory management needs while providing a best-in-class experience.
Assurance– Buy confidently and sell quickly with Manheim’s assurance options. Have peace of mind with every transaction made.
Logistics– Have access to transportation solutions that provide the reliability and flexibility you need. Streamline the process even more by adding transportation costs to your floorplan.
Reconditioning– Get your vehicle retail-ready or maximize it before it hits the lanes with Manheim’s reconditioning solutions.
Floor planning– Streamline the checkout and title management process while getting on-site, online, and over the phone assistance any time you need it.

Manheim helps you save time and money, reduce your risk, and grow your retail business, allowing you to move forward confidently and decisively. Take advantage of our solutions via the Manheim marketplace to deliver more profit.

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