evaluating Dealership Floor Plan Options

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dealer standing in his lot

car dealer on a lot looking at floor plan optionsDealers looking for additional capital have a number of options to consider, and many floor plan providers offer funding services. However, dealers should consider a number of important factors before making a selection between their potential floor plan options.

Accessible Account Management
Dealers use a variety of platforms to maintain daily operations. When looking at floor plan options, consider what kind of account management capabilities are offered. Can you see your account status at a glance? Can you view important reports about inventory types, outstanding balances and inventory turn time? Easy access to a comprehensive account management platform is essential to manage daily floor planning activities so dealers can quickly get back to business.

Dealers who select NextGear Capital have 24/7 access to Account Portal. Account Portal is the NextGear Capital account management platform that gives dealers the tools they need to manage their dealership floor planning information. Comprehensive dashboards give dealers a high-level overview of important dealership metrics. Additionally, dealers can view inventory, pending transactions, titles, submit new vehicles for financing, make and schedule payments and also view account analytics.

Responsive Customer Service
Dealers require business partners that understand their unique business needs. Can you easily contact your floor plan provider to resolve issues? Is there a representative in the area that can visit your dealership?

NextGear Capital dealers have access to a business partner that is committed to service. Every dealer is supported with a local, dedicated representative, and has additional options for online and over the phone assistance, giving your dealership the help you need, when you need it.

Efficient Solutions
Dealers evaluating their floor plan options should consider any additional solutions and services provided with their floor plan. Some dealers may prefer to use a number of independent vendors, it can be convenient to select a floor plan lender that easily combines with other services.

Dealers that pick NextGear Capital have unique access to solutions that can reduce administrative efforts. For example, through a partnership with Ready Logistics, NextGear Capital dealers can floor plan their transportation costs. Additionally, solutions like Rapid Pay allow dealers to put non-auction purchases and overnight titles with a complementary FedEx waybill.

How would NextGear Capital fit into your dealership operations?
NextGear Capital offers dealers the buying power and solutions needed to transform dealership operations. Want to learn more about how NextGear Capital can benefit your dealership? Let us know!