Dealer utilizing an auto floor plan at an auctionDealers can expect to see new features and expanded functionality within NextGear Capital’s online account management platform. Account Portal’s updated, optimized mobile design is slated to fully replace the current NextGear Capital app by the end of 2017.

Dealers who have become familiar with the present interface can rest easy knowing that current dealer Account Portal functionality will remain the same, and continue to serve as the one-stop-shop for all your account management needs. Though the downloadable app will be discontinued thereby losing its functionality at the end December, utilizing Account Portal’s new mobile version provides dealers with a better user experience plus access to more features.

New features
The new mobile experience for Account Portal allows dealers access to features that aren’t currently available within the app. For example, dealers managing their line of credit exclusively through the app do not have access to features like Rapid Pay, our innovative solution for quick and simple title management.

In addition, once new features such as self-reconciliation and pay-on-notice are available, they will be immediately accessible via the new mobile Account Portal experience.

Always up-to-date
Dealers can now benefit from an optimized, streamlined Account Portal that no longer requires manual app updates. Once the Account Portal icon is added to your phone’s home screen, the most updated version is readily available, complete with real-time account information, right at your fingertips. This means less time managing your device, and more time accessing the tools Account Portal offers to help grow your business. Tools like Rapid Pay, NextGear Capital’s expedited funding process for non-auction purchases that provides clients access to free pre-paid FedEx waybills!.

Access the new mobile experience
Check out the new Account Portal experience now via your mobile internet browser! Need help accessing? Click here for iPhone instructions, or here for step-by-step instructions for Android devices.

Please note that the existing mobile app available via the App Store and Google Play will no longer be supported or available after December 31, 2017.