how To Delegate Your Audits

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We know that audits can be a headache for auto dealersUnderstandably since audits historically could take 3 to 5 hours to complete. To alleviate stress caused by audits, we created Self Reconciliation inside our account management tool, Account Portal. From a computer or mobile device, you can clear your audits in minutes. But what if you’re not at your dealership? Did you know that you can delegate your audits to another member of your staff? 

If you’re a NextGear Capital client, chances are you have used the Self Reconciliation tool. Since its launch in early 2019, it has quickly proven to be a popular dealer resourceSelf Reconciliation saw immediate success, boasting 60% adoption in the first six months. Now, nearly 80% of all NextGear Capital clients have utilized this resource to manage audits on their floor planned inventory.   

Delegating Audits 

At NextGear Capital we understand that you’re not always able to go to your dealership to clear audits. That’s why we created the delegation option within Self Reconciliation. This feature allows dealers who may be out of town the option to pass auditing duties onto one of their employees. There is no need to share your Account Portal log-in credentials.  

For example, a dealer is on vacation with their family but needs to clear an audit. All they have to do is:  

  1. Log into Account Portal from any device 
  2. Navigate to the Audits tab 
  3. Find the vehicle(s) you’d like to clear 
  4. Click the blue icon that says “Email” 
  5. Enter the email address of the staff member you wish to delegate your audits to 

We recommend walking the appointed staff member through the auditing process before handing off the responsibilities. To refresh, simply log in to Account Portal and navigate to the Audits tab where you’ll be prompted to provide photos of: 

  • Driver Front 
  • Passenger Rear 
  • VIN 
  • Odometer 

That’s all it takes to clear your outstanding units in real-time! Did you find this helpful? Click here for more Account Portal tutorials. 

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