nextgear Capital’s Self Reconciliation Auditing Tool Passes 60 Percent Adoption

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Monique Belgrave using Self Reconciliation

Monique Belgrave using Self ReconciliationDealers taking advantage of NextGear Capital’s Self Reconciliation tool are clearing their audits faster than ever while benefitting from a better client experience. This new method significantly shortened the auditing process for dealers from three to five hours, to less than 10 minutes. After only six months, more than 60 percent of clients have utilized Self Reconciliation to manage their floor planned inventory’s auditing.

“Prior to Self Reconciliation, the auditing process was one of the biggest points of frustration for NextGear Capital’s dealer clients, said Angie Provo, Senior Director of Marketing at NextGear Capital. “The quick adoption rate of this tool demonstrates NextGear Capital’s commitment to delivering new technology and services that ultimately facilitate a better client experience.”

Available inside of NextGear Capital’s Account Portal, Self Reconciliation clears units in real time, provides access to a historical database of previously reconciled units and allows dealers to pay off inventory, all through their mobile device. Additionally, dealership principal owners can now delegate the auditing process without having to share their Account Portal login credentials.

“The frustrating process of clearing audits using a Word of the Day method is now a thing of the past,” said Monique Belgrave, owner, Consumer First Auto Group. “Self Reconciliation means no guess work for my business. Audits are now instantly cleared and managed at a time convenient for me.”

NextGear Capital was determined to create a solution that empowered dealers to save time on their audits while allowing them to focus more on the tasks that drive profitability for their business. Self Reconciliation is that tool.