Ready Logistics and NextGear Capital have teamed up to offer the freedom of floor planning any vehicle without having to cover immediate costs of transportation. With one easy transaction, you'll save positive working cash. No hassle, no fuss. We'll handle everything for you.


NextGear Capital Benefits

Floor planning with NextGear Capital allows you to acquire more inventory versus buying with cash. More units on the lot means more buying options for consumers – leading to quicker turns.

With this new program, you may defer transportation costs by adding them to your existing floor plan – which already allows you the flexibility of deferring payments!

Ready Logistics Benefits

Let us handle all the logistics of getting your vehicle from anywhere to everywhere. By floor planning your transportation cost, you get the benefits of deferred payments and a shared balance for your vehicle and its transportation. By making us your full-time logistics solution, Ready Logistics allows you to put your focus back on growing your business and freeing up cash flow.