Missing Out On Car Dealership Sales? You’ve got a customer on the lot and you spend part of your evening showing them different vehicles. They seem interested, but...
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2017 GIADA Convention and Expo Wrap-Up Automotive industry conferences are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest auto industry news. In addition, they are a great...
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How does a dealer floor plan work? The concept of a dealer floor plan is pretty simple: a floor planning lender gives a dealer a line of credit to...
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Resources for Business Growth

floor planning case studies Case Studies

Supplementing working cash with a floor plan is a tried and true method to grow business. Find out how NextGear Capital dealers are tackling the challenges of today’s market head-on by properly utilizing their lines of credit.

floor planning videos Videos

Establishing an automotive finance plan is one of the first steps many dealers take to set their business up for success. Check out some of our video resources for tips and best practices on managing your dealership’s finances.

auto floor plan webinars Webinars

Our webinar library hosts a variety of educational resources and insights from some of today’s top industry voices. From utilizing auto dealer floor plans to stocking seasonal inventory, tips for managing a successful lot are only a click away.

White Papers

If how to manage a dealer floor plan leaves you with more questions than answers, our white papers have you covered. Ranging from how much you should be borrowing, to what a floor plan covers, get your answers here.