Successful Dealerships Are Choosing Nextgear Capital For Their Inventory Financing Needs For One Reason: Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for used automotive financing today, or new purchase options tomorrow, NextGear Capital’s innovative solutions have you covered.  We support you through local representatives you can count on, and assist you every step of the way with best-in-class customer service.

Financing your inventory should provide you with greater flexibility, not less. And at NextGear Capital, that’s exactly what you get!

  • Cutting-edge Technology
    • Securely view transactions in real time, submit new vehicle information or get the MMR value on a unit from the auction lanes!
  • Records Management
    • Titles are securely managed, yet easily accessible – and shipped directly to you upon payoff!
  • Unparalleled Access
    • Credit lines are seamlessly integrated at over 1,000 live and online auctions in addition to other numerous sources!