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Floor plan financing options are popular within the automotive industry. However, not all floor plan lenders offer retail and dealership wholesale financing options. While some finance companies are unable to meet the needs of independent dealers, NextGear Capital has proudly served the independent dealer market for decades. Our floor plan financing options allow dealers to finance nearly any type of remarketed unit. Lines of credit are customizable, flexible and accessible throughout our expansive inventory sourcing network.

In addition to offering dealers access to inventory from over 1,000 live and online auctions, NextGear Capital provides inventory finance options for dealer-to-dealer purchases, trade-ins and even off-street purchases.

“Having my floor plan through NextGear Capital has given me more flexibility so that I can expand my inventory. I used to only keep about 10 to 15 vehicles on my lot and now I average between 25 to 30. It’s also nice have the flexibility to change out my inventory because if I sell 2 or 3 vehicles in one week, I can go to the auction the next week and get new vehicles to keep things fresh.”

– Kathy Ward, Ward Motor Company

Why choose NextGear Capital for dealer floor planning?

Competitive interest rates and flexible terms


Solutions are easy to understand and simple to use


Responsive, reliable customer service and support


Serve independent dealers with a focus on attainable success

NextGear Capital’s number one priority is your success. That’s why we’ve created flexible solutions backed by a knowledgeable support team. Your Portfolio Manager is committed to helping you overcome challenges so your business can flourish. In addition, whether it’s helping you track down titles, processing funding requests or answering your Account Portal questions, our Customer Service team is dedicated to helping you. With all that support, it’s no wonder that our dealers say that we’re more like partners than a finance company.

In addition to receiving an outstanding customer experience, you’ll also have access to:

  • A simplified funding process for non-auction purchases.
  • Records management that provides custom imaging and cloud-based solutions to secure and protect titles that are ready for retrieval when you are.
  • Collateral protection, remarketing services and an array of resources through Cox Automotive.
  • A variety of floor plans designed for your specific needs including Tiered Pricing, First Gear and Flex Pricing.

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