utilizing A Floor Plan For All Your Business Needs

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When you think about floor plan lenders, it’s natural to think of them as just another financial institution such as a local bank that offers additional funding. But did you know that when you select the right floor plan provider, you have access to additional tools and resources to help run your dealership more efficiently? NextGear Capital knows that independent dealers need more than additional cash flow to help optimize the success of their dealership. Here are some ways utilizing a floor plan to help streamline daily business tasks:

Account Portal – There are so many different aspects to running a dealership and that’s where Account Portal can help. This online account management platform gives you the most current information on everything from upcoming payments to the location of your titles. You can also access additional resources such as reporting, analytics, promotions and how-to videos.

Tailored Pricing Programs – Whether you’re new to the independent dealer space, specialize in lower-priced inventory or simply want more flexibility when it comes to your cash flow, NextGear Capital has a floor plan that’s right for you. From Flex Pricing to First Gear, we’ve designed different pricing programs to meet our dealer’s unique and individual needs.

Customer Centric Support – With other financial institutions, after you’re approved for a line of credit you’re probably not going to hear from them again unless there’s a problem. That’s not the case with NextGear Capital. You’ll have a dedicated Portfolio Manager who can help you strategize and find solutions to problems. You’ll also have access to our client experience team who can assist you with everything from processing your funding requests to answering questions about reporting available inside of Account Portal.

Easy Audit Reconciliation – Located inside of Account Portal on the audits page,Self Reconciliation efficiently clears audits so you don’t have to spend hours reconciling unverified units. Simply take pictures on your mobile device and clear audits in real-time. You can free up even more time by assigning the reconciliation to one of your associates with our delegation feature. 

MORE Resources – From our Collateral Protection Program which provides you with extra assurance on your inventory, to blogs, videos and industry insights on our dealer resources page, we’re constantly investing in providing you with the tools and information you need to help your dealership boom.

When you’re shopping floor plan lenders, remember to select one that’s going to be able to support all your business needs. From tools like Account Portal to flexible and customizable financing options, NextGear Capital prides itself on providing its dealers with a one-stop financing solution to help them overcome challenges and stand apart from the competition. Start utilizing a floor plan today by applying here.