A Shortcut on the Road to a Sale using GPS Speaker Image

Director of Dealer Development for the NIADA

Joe Lescota

The traditional road to a sale with 10 or 12 steps has served our industry well, but today’s successful used car dealer should consider implementing a few detours along the way. Millennials make up the largest percentage of today’s retail consumer, outnumbering baby boomers. Millennial consumers bring new challenges to the selling process.

About The Host

Joe Lescota

Joe Lescota is the exclusive Certified Master Dealer™ instructor for NIADA and serves as the moderator for the NIADA 20 Groups. He has conducted workshops and educational seminars for Ford Motor Co, General Motors, Chrysler Corp, Honda of Canada and Acura of Canada, and Proton Motor Cars of Malaysia.

What Recent Federal Enforcement Actions Mean for Dealers

Tom Hudson

The FTC is cracking down on dealer advertising, and the CFPB just fined a dealer $700,000 for its marketing and disclosure practices.

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Cars, Consumers, and Credit Cycles

Tom Webb

Tom Webb will discuss the industry and economic factors that will most impact the used vehicle market in 2017.

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