do’s And Don’ts Of Holiday Office Decor

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Christmas - DO

The change in leaves, crisp air and pumpkin flavor frenzy can only mean one thing: the holiday season is almost upon us. The holidays are not only a time for family, food and fun, but for many, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year.”

While for most it’s a family tradition to carve pumpkins and deck the halls with boughs of holly, it’s becoming even more popular to carry over those holiday traditions into the work place. Despite the good intentions of many, some holiday office décor – if not executed carefully, can come off as offensive to others.

So, whether your canvas is a cubicle, office, store or car dealership, here are some simple do’s and don’ts of decorating your work place that will keep the ghouls and Grinches (otherwise known as unpleasant co-workers) away!


  • Incorporate warm fall colors – brown, orange, yellow and red for Halloween, and silver and gold for Christmas are always safe and get the point across.
  • Keep decorations neutral – Not all co-workers and customers celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, so don’t display anything that could be potentially offensive.
  • Make sure decorations position the company in a positive light and don’t interfere with brand standards – don’t add garlands or other additions to company signage or alter the company logo in any way.
  • Keep décor polished and professional – the last thing you want to do is come across as unprofessional or offensive to office guests or visiting customers –remember, it’s still the work place!
  • Be neutral yet festive – Incorporate natural elements that say – not scream Halloween, fall or Christmas. Pinecones, small haystacks, hollies and berries are all great examples.

Christmas - DO

Halloween - DO_2


  • Block walking space, exits or communal areas with décor items (trees, hanging ghosts, elves, etc.) – Your co-workers should not have to alter their routine routes to side-step your decorations. Move it or lose it!
  • Play offensive or religious music – The sounds of booing ghosts, ear-splitting screams or Christmas carols about baby Jesus are great, but definitely not workplace appropriate!
  • Spend time on the clock to decorate your area – Take a mental break from the spreadsheets and emails and use your lunch hour to decorate your area.
  • Display unsightly or graphic images or items – If your décor piece causes one to do a double take or engage in an eye roll – you may want think twice about it!
  • Incorporate moving, blinking or spinning items – Let’s face it, many of us are easily distracted as it is, so don’t add to it with these types of…oh look, a squirrel!

Halloween - DON'T

Christmas - DON'T