Managing your NextGear Capital floor plan financing accountIndependent dealers spend a lot of time multi-tasking; from answering customer’s questions on the lot, to following up with someone who went for a test drive a few days ago, you don’t have a lot of time to spare. NextGear Capital understands the last thing you want to do is spend more time than necessary trying to figure out how to fund the inventory you need, which is where our floor planning solutions can help. Floor plan financing provides dealers with the flexibility they need to keep their lots stocked with the types of vehicles their customers are looking for.

But providing additional cash flow isn’t the only way NextGear Capital is supporting its dealers, we’ve also created Account Portal. By incorporating an easy to follow step-by-step process, Account Portal takes the hassle out of the flooring process and allows dealers more time to manage their business.

Account Portal also includes one of a kind features such as providing dealers with the opportunity to check the status of their requests once they’ve been processed. By providing real-time insight into the status of their floor planning requests, dealers know how quickly their financing will be available.

Another valuable feature within Account Portal is its expedited funding tool available on all Rapid Pay purchases. This tool gives dealers faster funding through a simple, streamlined process for inventory acquisition. Account Portal provides dealers the option to view all Rapid Pay information on floored vehicles, from a title due date to information on when a vehicle’s first payment is due to be received by.

Other features Account Portal offers includes a straightforward shipping process which allows users access to a free FedEx label by simply clicking on Print FedEx Waybill included with all Rapid Pay transactions. Rapid Pay also makes uploading any needed documentation intuitive and hassle-free. Dealers have the opportunity to rate their Rapid Pay experience and provide feedback after every use, which guarantees that NextGear Capital continues to evolve as their needs of their clients do.

NextGear Capital is committed to ensuring their customers’ needs are being met, which is why if a dealer has an issue or question while using Account Portal, they can chat live with a representative who can provide immediate support.

NextGear Capital’s Account Portal was built for today’s busy independent dealer, giving them the information and features that free up their time to focus on what’s really needed to create success in their business.

Check out our video tutorial on how to floor plan units inside of Account Portal and start getting MORE out of your floor plan today!

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Our Account Portal tutorial on Flooring a Vehicle shows you just how easy it is, in five simple steps:

Step 1
First, you will select floor plan from the top of the navigation screen and in the dropdown menu, click on floor a vehicle. Then you will be asked to provide vehicle information, by entering in the VIN and then clicking search, most of the vehicle’s details will auto-populate. You will also be able to view your available credit and projected funding date, as well as a vehicle value comparison.

Step 2
Next, you will be prompted to enter in all the sales details and purchase information for each vehicle you’re flooring.

Step 3
The following screen will include payment information. Here you will be able to view your projected funding date, once you provide the title location and the payee information.

Step 4
Before reviewing the request, you will have the option to upload supporting documents. Documents will only be available for upload in PDF, Word, JPG or PNG format files.

After the files have been uploaded, you can include any necessary notes or comments in the text box provided below.

Step 5
The final step allows you to review your floor plan request. Here you also have the opportunity to make changes to any field you wish by simply clicking on the back button. Once you’ve verified that all the information is correct, you can submit your request.


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