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First and foremost, NextGear Capital is a finance company. As such, it’s important that we have people in leadership roles that can guide our company’s financial strategy. And for 10 years, Dave Horan’s financial leadership has been instrumental in the growth of NextGear Capital. What makes Dave truly stand out is his ability to keep calm in the midst of ensuring the company’s necessary monetary resources throughout times of tremendous growth. Without Dave’s ability to effectively navigate this landscape, NextGear Capital would not be where it is today. It is for this reason that he was recently named a finalist for the Indianapolis Business Journal CFO of the Year Award.

horan-davidSo read on and get to know NextGear Capital CFO (and 2015 Indianapolis Business Journal CFO of the Year Award finalist) Dave Horan!

Title: Chief Financial Officer

Years with NextGear Capital: 10

Education: B.S. in Business, Masters of Professional Accountancy – Indiana University

Family: Wife of 24 years – Lisa; Children – Rachel (19), Joshua (15) and Aaron (11)

What do you enjoy most about NextGear Capital? I was around at the start of one of our predecessor companies. We started with a hard working, employee-focused, family feel. As difficult as that family feel is to maintain as we grow, I would like to believe NextGear Capital encourages that same culture, which is one that is embraced by Cox Automotive. I enjoy, more than anything, watching the extraordinary growth of all of our employees.

Random Fact: I have 6 brothers and no sisters. Having 7 boys could be a bit confusing for my parents, so 6 of 7 is my official designation. For those that recognize that reference, “live long and prosper.”

Favorite car tunes: I am very much an alternative/hard rock kind of guy, but you shouldn’t be surprised if a little Eminem gets mixed in there.

For those who wonder what Dave looks like without his mustache, here’s a throwback to him in middle school, being a trend setter with his feathered hair.

David grade school (3)