utilizing Cox Automotive Products To Get The Most Out Of Floor Plans

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When you have a floor plan with NextGear Capital, not only do you have access to additional funding, industry-leading tools and local expertise, but you’re also a part of the Cox Automotive network. Cox Automotive has more than 25 brands to choose from to integrate with your NextGear Capital floor plan. Here are just a few ways independent dealers are using Cox Automotive products to optimize their floor plans:

  • Inventory Acquisition – Whether you’re purchasing inventory in-lane or through your mobile device, when you purchase from Manheim your floor plan will be updated automatically so you can view your inventory and available cash flow in real-time.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about keepings tabs on your titles as they will be available for you to view inside of Account Portal, making for a streamlined process.
  • Inventory Insights – It’s difficult to keep up with the pace of market trends such as consumer preferences and pricing. That’s where vAuto helps. By providing you with the most up-to-date market data you’ll be able to avoid inventory mistakes and increase your profits. One of their newest tools, Stockwave, provides in-depth insights into the wholesale market so you know which vehicles to purchase, where to find them, and how to price them. These data-driven insights empower you to make informed decisions about the vehicles you’re putting on your floor plan.
  • Streamlined Solutions – Are you looking to streamline your current business strategy so you can spend more time focusing on the client experience? Dealertrack’s digital management solutions can help you take your independent dealership to the next level by creating a personal buying experience that works for your needs. It also ensures your tools and technology are working together to create a more efficient sales process.
  • A Digital Advantage – Selling inventory online is a must, so have you asked yourself if your current website is meeting all your needs? Dealer.com provides a personalized car shopping experience while connecting you with in-market buyers across the country. You can also take advantage of its digital marketing services including social and reputation management, as well as search engine optimization. With Dealer.com you’ll stand out from the competition.
  • Transportation Solutions – When you’re unable to find the inventory you need locally, you need a logistics supplier that makes it easy to get your purchases to your lot quickly and conveniently. Fortunately, when you use Ready Logistics to transport your inventory, not only will you have the industry’s best on your side, you’ll be able to use your NextGear Capital floor plan for your transportation fees.
dealer using cox automotive products

As part of the Cox Automotive network, you’re getting more for your business with access to the products and tools you need to tackle any challenge and thrive in an ever-changing industry.