Dealers Find Success Using a Floor Plan

“I lost my life for a long time after I started this business. Now that I can afford a staff that can do 90% of the work, I’ve gotten my life back.”  Brian Buck, Luxmoto


NextGear Capital floor plans complement a cash buying strategy, making funds available so you can get the inventory you need, when you need it. Floor plans can also help grow your business in other ways including:

technology Technology Upgrades Cash for hiring staff Hiring Additional Staff
Cash for lot improvements Lot Improvements Cash for marketing Enhancing Marketing Efforts
Improve service Creating a Service Department


So, what’s keeping you from partnering with the industry’s premier lender?

Smart. Simple. Fast. That’s how you run your dealership and it’s what you need in a financial partner to ensure that you’re ahead of market trends and finding new ways to fight margin compression.

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