flexible, Easy To Use Auto Dealer Finance Options

At NextGear Capital, our auto dealer finance options are customized to fit the needs of dealerships regardless of size, location or specialty. Floor planning provides the freedom to make your business’s cash work for you. From your first car lot to expansions, and everything in between, our dealer finance options will get you the buying power you need to succeed!

Our floor plans complement your cash-buying strategy, making funds available when and where they’re needed rather than completely tied up in your inventory. Floor planning with NextGear Capital doesn’t mean losing your hold on cash – it means gaining valuable tools that help alleviate extra work. You can also free up your cash flow by flooring all your non-auction inventory inside of Account Portal.

Floor a Broad Range of Inventory with our Dealer Funding Programs

  • Finance Inventory from Over 1,000 Live and Online Auctions
  • Able to Floor Plan Dealer-to-Dealer and Off-Street Purchases
  • Free Up Cash Flow for Other Business Expenses

“We started out small and grew with a swift force averaging 50 vehicles on our lot. At first, I only used my own cash, but it quickly became apparent that our growth and goals of expansion would not be viable based on a cash-only system that was tied up in payroll and reconditioning. That’s when I decided to use a floor plan. Now we average just over 100 cars on the lot at any given time.”

– Jordan Baker, Comodo Motors

You work hard and we want your floor plan to work hard for you. That’s why NextGear Capital floor plans are designed to provide a broad range of resources for the independent dealer’s unique needs.

  • Freed Up Capital
  • Easy-to-Use Products
  • Non-Auction Flooring  
  • Consumer Loan Payoff Programs
  • Title Management and Release
  • Real-Time Account Insights and Management Inside Account Portal 

Are you ready to see what the best floor plan company in the industry can do for your business?

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