Using the appOnce a dealer is approved for a floor plan they not only have nearly immediate access to additional funds, but they also take on the responsibility of managing that extra capital to ensure it is spent wisely and managed properly. For NextGear Capital dealers, the additional floor plan financing tools offered with every account ensure that it is simple and easy to manage your funding, your way.

Account Portal
Whether you are at auction or your dealership, it’s crucial to have the right tools available at your fingertips. Account Portal is where every NextGear Capital dealer has access to comprehensive, real-time account information. Plus, an optimized mobile design ensures that dealers can access account details from any mobile device, 24/7.

Avoid late fees and the stress that comes with the thought of missing payments. With AutoPay, dealers can focus on daily operations, instead of worrying about forgetting a floor plan payment. It’s simple and free to enroll! Click here for instructions on how to enable AutoPay for your floor plan financing account.

Rapid Pay
Sometimes, auctions don’t have the in-demand inventory your market desires. Sure, you could purchase that inventory from a non-auction source with dealership funds, but that could restrict overall cash flow. With Rapid Pay, non-auction purchases are funded faster. Plus, titles are quickly and simply handled with a complementary FedEx waybill.

Self Reconciliation
Any lender needs assurance that the funds borrowed are being properly used. Though floor plan audits are essential to the floor planning process, they shouldn’t take up more time than necessary. Our Self Reconciliation tool in combination with improvements made to the auditing process allow dealers additional flexibility and 80 percent fewer business interruptions.

Manage your floor plan account in a way that makes the most sense for you and your dealership. Have more questions about how to use these tools to benefit your dealership? Get in touch with one of our representatives.