the Distinction Of A Nextgear Capital Floor Plan

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Dealer using First Gear

Every dealership is unique, with its own needs, priorities and goals. So when it comes time to seek inventory financing, you need a floor plan provider that understands your dealership’s goals and can create a flexible plan right for you. At NextGear Capital, we know that being able to procure vehicles from multiple sources, at your convenience, is crucial to your dealership’s success. With a NextGear Capital floor plan, your line of credit is accepted at over 1,000 live and online auctions, in addition to inventory sources such as trade-ins, off-street purchases and loan payoffs. And to make sure you have the buying power you need right at your fingertips, NextGear Capital offers 24/7 account access, through our mobile platform myNextGear. With myNextGear, dealers can floor units, make payments and view titles all from their hand-held device.

Flexible Terms to Help Increase Your Buying Power

Inventory Financing, often referred to as floor planning, provides you with the necessary cash flow to run your business without stretching to cover operational expenses. A NextGear Capital floor plan gives you the buying power you need for added inventory on your lot, increasing revenue while keeping cash on hand for other business expenses.

NextGear Capital is equipped to offer flexible terms and competitive pricing along with solutions tailored to your unique business needs. While the avenue in which you source your vehicles may change, your inventory finance company should be your rock. Not only should your inventory finance provider understand the nature of your business and the flexibility you need, but it should mirror that flexibility in its relationship with you. This includes providing insight on potential market opportunities for your business, improving income opportunities and counseling you on the latest and greatest industry tools. NextGear Capital’s local representatives are in the field every day doing just that.

Industry Expertise that Benefits Your Business

NextGear Capital’s leadership team, boasting over 100 combined years of auto financing experience, has positioned the our company as one of the foremost thought leaders in the industry. A NextGear Capital floor plan is more than a flexible finance solution, it is also backed by local representatives and a knowledgeable support staff, all dedicated to your dealership’s growth and success. NextGear Capital is committed to going above and beyond what you would expect from a financial provider. Darren Vivolo, Owner of Bayshore Automotive, put it best saying, “NextGear Capital is like having another staff of employees.” The support team at NextGear Capital makes time to understand what is driving your dealership’s business and what matters most to you.

Cutting-edge Technology to Simplify Buying and Selling Inventory

NextGear Capital’s unparalleled speed of service and real-time technology offers dealer account access from virtually anywhere – online, on the go and on the phone. Advances in technology – such as the use of mobile devices – have made floor planning an easier to use and more powerful tool for dealers by saving time and simplifying the process of buying and selling inventory. With this rise in technology, you now have the ability to browse and purchase inventory from the comfort of your desk or home, meaning you can conduct business on your own terms.

Access to the Industry’s Leading Network of Brands

As a Cox Automotive brand, NextGear Capital is part of the strongest portfolio in the industry, made up of more than 20 brands that together provide end-to-end solutions for dealers like you. Cox Automotive is a leading provider of products and services spanning the automotive ecosystem worldwide. With more than 40,000 clients, Cox Automotive strives to better understand clients’ needs in order to create efficiencies and alleviate challenges, providing a wealth of resources to its customers. When you choose a NextGear Capital floor plan, you gain access to the industry’s leading network of brands, a power backing which can give your dealership a valuable, unique advantage.