social Media Basics For Auto Dealers

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Dealer using social media

Dealer using social media

Research has shown that most car buyers start their search online. When you establish an online presence for your dealership, you can start attracting potential new customers. In this article, you’ll learn tips for using social media to help support your business. 

 Create a Business Account 

Its important to create a separate social media profile for your dealership instead of using your personal account. Why is this important? The average consumer doesn’t want to see what you do outside of your work hours and it allows you to maintain some personal privacy. When it comes to promoting your dealership on social media, you always want to remain professional and on topic. If you already have a Facebook account, creating a business profile is easy. Here are some instructions on how to set up a free Facebook Business page. 

Build a Network 

Gain a following by sending invites to your friends, colleagues, and other professionals you know within the automotive industry. You’ll want some followers on your page before you start reaching out to customers, they’ll like to see others are already following you. To help gain followers, you can ask them to recommend your business to their friends and family. Politely ask them to invite people they know to follow your business page so when the time comes for them to purchase a vehicle, they will know who you are and can reach out to you. In addition, Facebook offers many local automotive groups you can join. These are great for connecting with people who live locally, love a specific car brand or vehicle model, or share the same interests as you do. When you join a group, you’ll gain access to a new consumer base who may not follow your page but will connect and chat with you in a more laid-back environment. 

Just make sure to follow the rules the group administrators set. Some groups allow advertising and others will not. If advertising is not allowed, offer advice and your expertise without selling and you’ll build a good rapport among the members. 

Post a Variety of Content 

common mistake dealers make is trying to sell cars in every social media post. While it may sound strange, it’s a tactic that can cause people to unfollow you. We recommend posting frequently, but make sure you are posting a variety of content. 

Try posting vehicles for sale when you get fresh inventory, or if it’s a hot model that everyone wants. Take a few photos from different angles and include a personal note on why it would make a great purchase. If you want to sell cars through Facebook, use the Facebook Marketplace. 

The bulk of your posts should be to entertain and educate your followers. A “no sell” social media post could be a simple picture of your lot or showroom. Caption it with some positive news and tag any people who are in the photo. You can also share articles from trusted sources. There are tons of great automotive social media accounts and websites where you can find news stories about the brand you sell or just general automotive information your followers will enjoy reading. Here are some more ideas of social media posts for your dealership: 

  • Share Pictures or Video of Your Customers and Their Newly Purchased Vehicle This is a milestone moment for them. Ask them if you can take a picture, or better yet, video of them getting in the car, that you can post to your professional social media page. Make sure you tag them! 
  • Post Pictures of New Inventory Snap a couple of “beauty pictures of new inventory on your lot, or a trailer dropping off inventory with a short caption. 
  • Office/Employee Celebrations Do you have an employee celebrating a work anniversary? Shout them out on your dealership page! Also, consider participating in “fun” holidays, like National Donut Day. This will give your customers a look into the culture of your business. 

 Make sure you are responding to any comments on your posts in a timely manner. Social media allows people the instant satisfaction of contacting someone whether it’s through a comment, review or a private message sent to an inbox. When this happens, make sure to respond within a few hours. You never know, it could be the sales lead you were waiting for. 

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