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In times like these, it’s more important than ever to connect with your vendors and business partners on social media. Social media provides real-time updates and messaging from some of the biggest names in our industry, including NextGear Capital. In fact, every day we are posting, sharing and interacting with clients through our social media accounts. While social media is often used for entertainment, our channels provide information that could be beneficial to your business. You can find NextGear Capital on Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

Real-Time Updates & Information

By following us on social media, you’ll get access to real-time updates and information from the company. Some of these posts may contain essential information to your business, like our COVID-19 Relief Package. We also share any urgent changes to our business operations across our channels, such as delays in title shipments or changes in business hours. In some cases, social media is one of the first places important information is posted.

All COVID-19 messaging has been posted to our social media accounts as soon as it’s made available. We will continue to use social media to circulate all COVID-19 company information. It’s safe to say that social media will be one of the first places important information is shared from all major brands. NextGear Capital will share any important information related to the industry in addition to updates from Cox Automotive and other sources that provide relevant content for our dealers.

In addition to updates and news, we regularly produce and post original content. We share blogs, videos, testimonies and even highlight clients and their businesses. With such a variety of content, our feeds are far from repetitive and monotonous.

Direct Line of Communication

Social media is one of the many ways our clients can communicate with us. We monitor all comments posted on our channels and are quick to respond to direct messages. We love seeing our clients interact with our posts!

If you have a question about something we’ve posted, sending us a direct message on Facebook is a great way to get your question answered. While Messenger is a great resource, for questions or concerns regarding specific account details, we recommend reaching out to your Portfolio Manager or calling our Customer Service team at 888.969.3721.

Easy to Navigate

Social media channels are great for archiving and organizing information. Scouring through old emails may not be the most efficient way to find NextGear Capital updates and information. On our social media channels, our content can be easily viewed in one place and archived by the date it was posted. Additionally, we pin the most important information and updates to the top of our profile, making it hard to miss.

Most of our posts have a visual component, making it even easier to quickly sort through our feed. If you’re looking for a NextGear Capital video, head over to our YouTube channel!