dealer Floor Plans: Finding A True Partner

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Dealer meeting with his NextGear Capital Representative

Dealer meeting with his NextGear Capital RepresentativeThe pressure to manage all aspects of your business can weigh you and your dealership down.  Wearing too many hats gets heavy and slows down the pursuit of your goals.  

Dealer floor plans can help you stay focused and reach your goals. When you open a line of credit, you gain a partnership with your floor plan provider. These floor plan providers can provide you with many products and services that can take some stress off of managing a dealership. 

NextGear Capital acts as a true partner. We won’t stand in the way of your desire to work independently, because that’s what got you here in the first place. But when you need help, you can count on our team experts across Client Experience, Tech Support and Performance Management. We’re here to offer guidance, product tutorials and regular calls with a performance manager who’s dedicated to knowing your business inside and out.  

When you drill down what makes your business tick, it is overly complicated? Probably not. Your formula for winning isn’t about the intricate strategies or micro-managing every aspect of operations. That’s why at NextGear Capital, we don’t aim to overcomplicate things. You work hard and we want your floor plan to work hard for you.

Benefits of Dealer Floor Plans 

  • More free capital– You have the ability to keep cash on hand and purchase inventory on your line of credit. 
  • Easy to use dealer floor plan products– For example, Self Reconciliation can clear audits in less than 10 minutes from a mobile device! 
  • Expedited funding– Rapid Pay’s expedited funding feature can initiate financing for non-auction purchases once notice of title is given, meaning dealers can get paid even faster on non-auction units. 
  • Consumer loan payoff programs– Quit paying for trade-ins and consumer loan payoffs out of pocket. Save time and money by letting NextGear Capital take over the consumer loan. 
  • Title management and release– NextGear Capital will manage and store titles for all floor planned vehicles. 
  • Account Portal– Real time account insights and management from a computer or mobile device. 

Much like our approach, our story is simple too. Humble beginnings that started in a small room staffed with just a handful of employees. We’ve been there and done the startup- just like you. We worked our way up and weathered the economic storm. Like you, we believe in this industry and see the success you’re working toward as attainable and real.  

But maybe you’re hesitate to deal with a big company and would rather maintain that personal relationship with a local bank. The problem there is your friendly bank is leveraging other accounts you have there, not immersing itself in what you do. All we do is floor planning and the bulk of our portfolio is made up of independent dealers 

We believe in the relationship and the power of a strategy that drives your success. When you partner with NextGear Capital, the possibilities are endless because we’re driven to help you get the most out of your floor plan. 

For more information on dealer floor plans and partnering with NextGear Capital, contact us or apply now!