managing The Cost Of A Dealer Floor Plan

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Managing your NextGear Capital floor plan financing account

Dealer managing their floor planAs a business owner, automotive dealers must keep track of a variety of vendors, invoices, audits, payments and bills. Though implementing third party tools to stay on track can be incredibly useful, it’s often more helpful when business partners include mechanisms that make it easy to manage accounts. A dealer’s time is more valuable than ever, and any additional conveniences offered should be considered when selecting a business partner. dealer floor plan with NextGear Capital grants more control over both their floor plan fees and audits with the tools offered within Account Portal. 


Avoid accumulating any late NextGear Capital floor plan fees by enrolling in AutoPay. Instead of worrying and stressing over making your dealer floor plan payments, any fees will be periodically deducted from your account. Enroll today, and forget about missing floor plan payments.  

Self Reconciliation and the My Audits Tab 

Vehicle audits are a necessary part of dealer floor plan that shouldn’t take up more time or funds than necessary. On occasion, a car dealer may not have a floor planned vehicle immediately available for a floor plan auditor.  By using the My Audits tab and Self Reconciliation feature within Account PortalNextGear Capital dealers have access to a flexible auditing process that gives dealers control to do business. 

With the My Audits dashboard within the NextGear Capital Account Portal, auto dealers can have visibility and transparency over the vehicles that need to be reconciled. Timelines and associated fee transparency ensure dealers have a historical view of audited vehicles. 

Plus, dealers can pay off units without leaving the My Audits tab, giving dealers further control over their NextGear Capital floor plan fees. 

Along with the My Audits tab, Self Reconciliation allows dealers to reconcile vehicles from the convenience of a mobile device. After logging in to Account Portal, dealers just need to take and upload a series of four vehicle images from inside the platform. Additional follow-up isn’t needed, since the vehicle images are cleared in real time! 

AutoPay, the My Audits tab and Self Reconciliation give NextGear Capital dealers more visibility and control over their audits and NextGear Capital dealer floor plan fees. By taking advantage of these tools, dealers can do business their way, when and where it is most convenient.