Common Independent Dealer Floor Plan Mistakes

May 24, 2018

Independent dealers are in control of how they use their floor plans. Compared to using cash, floor plans have the ability...

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New Audit Improvements Add Flexibility for Dealers

May 18, 2018

Though audits are a fundamental part of the floor planning process, they shouldn’t consume more time from a dealer than necessary.

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Managing an Auto Dealer Floor Plan Line of Credit

May 10, 2018

Floor planning empowers independent auto dealers to simply fund and stock dealership lots with in-demand inventory. Though it’s exciting to finally be...

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Boost Profits & Turn Times With Floor Plan Lending

May 3, 2018

Car dealers work tirelessly to protect and improve turn times and overall dealership margins. Over time, many dealers develop and implement...

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The Advantages of an Auto Dealer Line of Credit

April 26, 2018

Almost every dealer has a preferred type of capital they use when purchasing inventory. Some prefer cash, a standard bank loan,...

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Growing Business with Auto Floor Plan Lending

April 19, 2018

To build a profitable and thriving dealership, auto dealers have to utilize a number of tools. Some of these tools handle...

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NextGear Capital Offers Industry-First, Faster Funding Process for Dealers

April 12, 2018

To save time and speed up the funding process for dealers purchasing vehicles through non-auction channels, NextGear Capital is introducing faster funding...

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Utilizing Digital Auctions for Aged Used Inventory

April 5, 2018

Dealers understand that aged inventory can be a drag on a dealership. Not only does the inventory cost to stay on...

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Rapid Pay Now Features Expedited Funding on Notice of Title

March 28, 2018

Dealers utilizing Rapid Pay can look forward to further enhancements, including faster funding. An industry first, dealers floor planning their non-auction purchases...

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Why Source Inventory with Auto Dealership Financing

March 15, 2018

Dealers will often say there’s nothing like being able to touch, feel or smell a car before purchasing it to retail.

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